Welcome to The Langenfeld Foundation's official website. It was the year of 2006 that inspired the genesis of this new 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Yet, one can reason that it was actually born from two generations of personal charity efforts, from my siblings and me, as well as our parents before us.

photo taken at Camp Wingspan

What had been occurring by these individuals for more than half a century, now has been organized and incorporated so as to take place on a much greater scale: to open more hearts and more opportunities for people living with disabilities; to improve the quality of life for more people with special needs.

The Langenfeld Foundation bears our family name, intended to bring honor to our father and mother (Tony and Elizabeth Langenfeld of Hastings, MN)--as they so deserve. Furthermore, guidance for this naming was gleaned from an ancient Scripture, which is held in common worldwide by all members of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: "You shall honor you father and your mother." (Exodus 20:12) This may very well be one of humanities most globally agreed upon values, and most universally accepted truths.

America is the land of opportunity. We have as our mission, to see that those opportunities are made open for everyone; particularly people with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities. It is our vision that they be treated as equals and enjoy equal opportunities with the rest of us. The Langenfeld Foundation is structured under 5 chapters: The Joy of Fishing, The Joy of Hunting, The Joy of Nature, The Joy of Sport, The Joy of Music. All are intended to help those who struggle live a more fulfilling life. We give a heartfelt thank you to all who are supporting this work, and encouraging this ministry.

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